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Infuse your face with energy

Kim Dowdell (Vision for Living/crystal acupuncturist) and I have developed a great training for lay people and practitioners – all centred around the face and head. Not just beauty but also influencing the energies of the entire body. If you can’t join us, here’s a little titbit.

If you are working with the energies of the face, you want them flowing not trickling. One way to encourage this is to stimulate one of the 4Gates points called Large Intestine 4. Do this before any work you do on your face, be it cleansing, massaging, holding points – whatever it is, it will be more effective after massaging LI4 for a minute – on both hands.

First, I would suggest that you massage K27 points

LARGE INTESTINE #4 (Joining Valley)


Think of this as opening the ‘gates’ to enable energy to run in the upperbody, flooding the face and head. Where energy goes blood follows and blood is what carries nourishment to the skin.

Do on both hands.

Also excellent for:

· for letting go of anything that we are holding on to that is way past it’s sell-by date

· pain relief in the upper body, particularly the head – I personally always use it when I visit the dentist, it enables me to often have work done without an anaesthetic. Obviously, a good point to work for headaches.

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