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Try this now, it's an ancient Oriental eye routine, which I made up this afternoon, to stimulate the flow of energy in the eye area, improving function and eyesight, with the added benefit of reducing the congestion (and lines) caused by frowning....

Keep the eyes closed while doing the exercises Do not use excessive pressure

Don't do with contact lenses in place! Sit with elbows resting on table top – do not lean forward into the hands.

Use a pillow under the elbows if necessary. Ideally do these exercises twice a day: morning and evening Place your thumbs on the insider corners of the eyebrows.

Your fingers will be slightly curled against the forehead.

Massage gently in circular direction x 8

Change direction x 8 Working outwards with the thumb - apply pressure at half inch

intervals along the orbital bone.

Come back to the inside corners of the brows and stretch out

to the outside of the brows, use either thumb or

middle finger (see which feels better for you) x 8 Lower the middle finger to under the eye and

stroke out along edge of bone x 8

Now for the bit I really love!

Take hold of your eyebrow between finger and thumb (innermost edge) and squeeze.

Take care but if you feel you can, squeeze AND pull out slightly - I even like to squeeze, pull out and shake slightly - experiment Release and move along half and inch and squeeze again. Continue along entire eyebrow Repeat two or three times

End by stroking out gently from midline to temples and

then gently figure 8'ing the eyes to integrate the left and right brain

and keep the energies flowing smoothly in

the eye area.

Sit back, open your eyes, smile and assess how that feels


(I am)

To help diminish this habit, becoming aware of when we are frowning is useful. I will sometimes use little 'plasters' over the area between brows. Called Frownies or Smoothies.

Developed in the 1920's, there are now a number of brands available, these are brilliant at stopping the unconscious frowning that happens when we are sleeping,

reading, at the computer, concentrating.

It's not just a case of frown lines (or Daggers as the ancients called these lines), it's also about reducing congestion in that area that can contribute to lack of flow in the eye area, which ultimately impacts on eye health or even headaches.

Most of all they are a bit of fun, especially when you forget you are wearing them and hop onto Zoom or answer the door to the postman!

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