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I know I am preaching to the choir here, but we all need to be reminded of the importance of hydration and the dangers of dehydration! So bear with me.

If we hydrate the body, it can regenerate and heal itself beyond our wildest imagination.....

.... that is the wonder of water.


They say that future wars will be fought over this precious commodity that we, in the Western world, take so much for granted. Who knows? But we do know that, more than food, water truly is the essence of life, a vital energy source and without which we will die.

Do not deceive yourself, the majority of us are seriously dehydrated and we don’t even know it, as symptoms are easily misdiagnosed.   

This week increase your water consumption and watch:

  • your overall health improve,

  • lower backache vanish,

  • heartburn lessen,

  • migraine eased

  • hunger pangs diminish, 

  • fibromyalgia pains lessen ,

  • asthma and allergies reduce

  • daytime fatigue disappear.  

As the brain is 85% water, water is indeed ‘food for thought’. 

Are you drinking enough? If you know how to self energy-test you can get precise. If not, if your urine is mid- dark yellow, probably not. 

Experts recommend 6-8 [1 ½ - 2 litres] per day.

The sensation of thirst is not triggered until you are already dehydrated, so drink BEFORE you get thirsty.

Increase your intake of fresh fruit and veg as they have a high water content.

However, tea, coffee and sodas rob the body of water. 

There is no substitute for water, it helps:

  •       The body metabolise fat

  •      Suppress the appetite, so is an aid to losing weight

  •       Prevent DNA damage

  •       Prevent constipation

  •        Keep joints mobile

  •       Keep skin soft and subtle – cheaper than expensive skin creams!

  •        Prevent slack and sagging skin after

  •        Prevent premature ageing

  •       Production of  vital hormones and amino acids

  •        Keep arteries clear

  •        Generate electrical and magnetic energy inside each cell – it is ‘power’ food

  •        Convert food into energy

  •        Remove toxins from all parts of the body

  •        Maintain a healthy acid alkaline balance – drinking water should ideally be a little alkaline with a pH level of 7.5****

  •        The body stay cool

  •       Strengthen the immune system and fight colds and other viruses

  • with Celtic Salt can lower Blood Pressure


Many people say they can’t drink more water as the increased urination can interfere with everyday life! But compare it to watering a dried out pot plant, at first the water will rush right through, after a few days of careful watering, the water will be more easily absorbed and the rush will be lessened.  Once the body learns to absorb the increased water intake, urine flow will become normal.

Another concern can be water ‘retention’. The body retains  water because it fears dehydration. In most cases, give it what it needs, take away the fear and it will release stored water.

According to Dr Batman** ‘every 24 hours the body recycles the equivalent of 40,000 glasses of water to maintain its normal physiological functions’.  It runs short of about 6-8 glasses a day and these are what need replacing.   Ideally water should be drunk:-


  •        30 minutes before eating,

  •       2 ½ hours after a meal,

  •        whenever you are thirsty, 

  •        first thing in the morning,

  •        before exercising


Obvious you might say, what is she going on about but THINK, did you drink water in this way in the last 24 hours?


Water can store and transmit information. 

The prominent Japanese scientist, Dr Masaru Emoto claims that if human speech or thoughts are directed at water droplets before they are frozen, images of the resulting water molecules will be beautiful or ugly and chaotic depending upon whether the words or thoughts were positive or negative. This can be achieved through prayer, music or by attaching written words to a container of water.

The most powerful words emerged as LOVE  and GRATITUDE.

TIP - Tape these words to your bottle of water to positively energise it.

If you read his book * it has compelling photographic evidence of the positive change in water molecules.

Just think, our bodies are 75% water, so will be affected in the same way as the glass of water!

Another way to revitalize water is to use crystals such as amethyst, clear, smoky or rose quartz.  Place the  crystal in your  glass jug, filter jug, or even in your dog’s water bowl [ make sure the crystal is large enough so that the dog cannot swallow it] or for the green fingered, the watering can. Leave for 8 hours.


Magnetising water can help regenerate it into a more healthy state of vitality.

It can help:

  • prevent cholesterol from depositing in blood vessels,

  • improve digestion

  • enhance the blood supply and nutrition to various organs.

Place a glass jug of water on top of the north side of a large magnet and leave for 10 minutes-24 hours. 

Alternatively tape the north pole of a magnet onto one side of a glass jug of water and the south pole on the other side.

If you can find a ‘lipstick’ shaped magnet [used to remove metallic debris from cattle feed] stir the liquid with the magnet. 

If you have no magnets to hand simply use your own magnetism – hold slightly cupped hands opposite each other, an inch away from the sides of the glass.  Stay in this position for a minute then drink the water.

Magnetised water can be stored in a fridge for up to ten days.

If, like me, you find water a tad boring and a full glass a bit of a challenge, why not have your very own water bottle and take sips throughout the day, before you know it, you will have emptied the bottle. It's what I do, not very 'ladylike' but I can't fool myself, I can SEE at a glance if I've had enough water.

Add a slice of lemon or lime, a dash of organic cordial [okay, so it ceases to be ‘pure’ water, but if it means you drink more, it is worth the ‘pollution’]. 

In the summer make a strong dilution of organic herbal fruit tea, keep it in the fridge as an alternative ‘cordial’.


The final question has to be WHAT SORT OF WATER?

The ideal is natural spring water but that's not available to most of us so use bottled water [preferably glass and never leave a plastic bottle of water in the sun]. 

Failing that, tap water through a filter. Looking at the state of an electric kettle after a few days of use may put you off using plain tap water, the calcium deposits in our bodies particularly our veins, in the same way.  

Sadly carbonated is not as good as still water for our health, but IS better than coffee!


So, crack open a bottle, pour yourself a tall glass, sit down, relax, drink it slowly. Tell yourself that this water is hydrating every single cell of your body, eliminating toxins and bringing you health and vitality - that is the wonder of water.

ONE LAST TIP - place a few (maybe 3) grains of Celtic salt on your tongue before drinking - it helps the cells hydrate more effectively and helps replace minerals. It has magnesium which is water-hungry and call pull the water into the cell .....


*The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto

**Water & Salt –your healers from within by Dr F Batmanghelidj                                                                                           

***Water & Salt – the essence of life by Dr Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira

**** water pH levels can be enhanced with products such as Alkalive







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