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How to bring order to chaos with Lung 9


This is the Lung source point so really tones the lungs.

It is a powerful point and especially good for bringing order to chaos.

Provides stability, security, and a loving feeling of support. 

As it’s name suggests, it goes deep.

When grief becomes too heavy to bear, Lung 9 can be like a breath of fresh air to the Lungs and Heart, and in that abysmal place we catch a glimpse of light.


TIP a good point to to provide you with clarity when you work on yourself or others of what is happening with the energies of the body. 

Apply essential oil of Atlas Cedar to this point (dilute), it can help clear physical mucus and energetic congestion from the lungs. It gives us courage to move forward and strengthens our spiritual certainty.

Exceptionally good when we are scattered. It revives us,

Consider holding with Governing 20 [One Hundred Meetings], a point that can bring clearness to the head and mind, it has the essence of Wood and can give perspective and understanding of the way forward, pulling into the equation ancestral wisdom and knowledge.   These two pull everything together.

Loneliness and a feeling of isolation can be an aspect of Lung.  In everyday life, we can look to ‘things’ to fill that lonely void. Working Lung 9 can remind us that we are never alone if we connect to the ‘source’…. This is an integral part of Metal’s spiritual quest.


SOURCE POINTS are acupressure points where energy gathers on the meridians; they could be considered rather like ‘holding tanks’ for energy on each meridian. Working with them sends concentrated energy from a meridian to an organ governed by that meridian. They are a ‘source’ of energy, hence the name. One of the great things about Source points is that they are the safest points to use as they are self-regulating.


This concentrated flow of energy can be used to help speed healing and to revitalize the organ. Because of this, Source points are most effective when an organ is directly implicated in a problem; particularly useful after surgery or trauma of any kind. 


Working with them is simple; they respond enthusiastically to any of the following:


  •      gentle tapping,

  •      pressing,

  •      squeezing,

  •      holding lightly

  •      hand flipping – place palm of hand over point then flip the hand so the top of it is over the point – repeat several times. Each side of the hand has a different polarity, so the effect is similar to twirling a magnet over the point; it ‘wakes up’ and stimulates the meridian energy flow.

  •      figure 8s [my favourite is to do this with a Himalayan diamond], 

  •      holding a crystal over the point,

  •      spinning a crystal prism over them,

  •      essential oil, flower essences - apply a single drop on the point, either directly, massage in or on a piece of cotton wool,

  •      applying colour – either through a torch or piece of coloured natural fabric such as silk or cotton.  Simply apply for a minute.

  •      holding a supplement or herb (for example Astragalus Root) against the points is said to help the body absorb the healing ‘vibration’ of that substance into the organ in question.  There is no way of measuring this, but I have heard some persuasive anecdotal evidence and it certainly won’t do any harm.


Work the points on both sides of the body.  Experiment with the techniques and evaluate which one feels the most effective to you.


A great little tip I got from Kim Dowdell is to place your Lung 9 points on top of each other and rub together. It will instantly hyperlink energy to the lungs.




 With grateful thanks to A Manual of Acupuncture (Deadman) - available in print or digital


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