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HORSE SENSE (handout with replay link)

On the day that celebrates Epona, the Celtic Goddess of horses, we met up for nearly an hour to run through 8 equine energy tips - I hope you enjoyed it and that one or all of the tips your horse will enjoy too. Click below for the Dropbox link to the handout that contains (on the second page) the Zoom replay link...... can't believe the technology we have available now, aren't we lucky!

May each of you - and your 4-legged companions enjoy the festive season in an energy of laughter, love, abundance, family and joy ... even with the restrictions under which we find ourselves. xxx Maddie

HORSE SENSE handout with replay link for
Download • 2.02MB

and if that doesn't work, cut and paste this one ..... a girl's got to have a Plan B!

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