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Gutter clearing is a must - don't neglect it!

Updated: Jan 11



Gutters have to be clear for things to flow effectively – so think of this point as one that gets rid of energetic rubbish.  If we don’t keep gutters clear, then the meridian becomes blocked and stagnant.

This is a great point to do (simply massage or hold the point - on both arms) before you 'flush' a meridian: that is trace it backwards once and forwards three times. It will be like energetically brushing out your lung 'gutter'.


Located one thumb width above the wrist crease (see diagram below), use when you suspect it’s time to let go of that which is holding you back.  Even if you are not sure what that is you can work Lung meridian, especially this point, and ask for clarity, to clear out all the old debris and emerge into the clear meadow of clarity. We sometimes benefit from old relationships being cleared out so that there is a freshness that will attract new connections.

This is a perfect point to massage in Metal time (late Autumn/early Winter), a time we traditionally associate with 'letting go' of all that 'old stuff' that can accumulate; outdated attitudes, emotions, toxic thoughts, memories etc., We learn the lesson from our past, keep the 'good' bits, but who wants the 'bad' bits hanging around?

Also on a physical level, when the lungs need to be cleared of mucus; bronchitis, asthma respond particularly well.

When our gutters are clear, we are more able to receive the energy and inspiration that needs to flow through the meridian. It also means that there is no stagnant energetic debris lurking on the meridian that may, in time, affect the wellbeing and flow of other meridians such as Large Intestine, Liver, Bladder.

Once you have cleansed the gutter you are able to access more easily the essential qualities of Metal. Energies of inspiration, finding the sacred values in life, processing and letting go.

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Just what I needed !!!! Hoorah. I've been guided to Lu 7, 8, and 9, but I have stopped flushing for a while. I love that I can do these while watching TV or other seated stuff.


Do you have a class on clearing the lungs that I could buy? My lungs need work!

Thank You!!

Jan 11
Replying to

Yes I do, it's available on my website - LUNG and GRIEF. But, if you can wait, over the next few weeks I'll be writing more blogs on how to harmonise Lung energies .... Maddie xx


I don't understand what to do here to clear the lung gutter. Do you simply massage Lung8? And how far from the wrist crease is Lung8 point?


Thank you so much Maddie for your whole series on the Lung, it's so helpful😉

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