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Perhaps now, more than any other time in our human history, we need our personal bio-field (aura) to be robust and functional, to enable our bodies to cope effectively with the onslaught of challenges in the air around us: 5G, radio, TV and other EMFs, along with the energies of 'fear' we can encounter - for example at an airport.

You get the idea, no longer can we sit on a hillside and enjoy a purity in the air around us ..... there are hardly any places on this planet that are free from this type of 'pollution'.

Talking about the bio-field one cannot ignore the work of an amazing Scientist - DR VALERIE HUNT. Her work into this area of our energetic anatomy, was ahead of it's time and she maintained that if you heal something in the physical body, you NEED to repair the bio-field above that area if the physical is to heal completely and remain healed.

This has powerful implications not only for wound healing but also for Cancer - ensure the bio-field is healthy and robust all over, but especially over any Cancerous sites, to help remain Cancer free.

Focus on the positive action you can take daily to maximise the effectiveness and protection of your bio-field (and that of your pet). Lots of different techniques you can try. I'm going to share my favourite:

Think of your aura as a duvet that needs to be fluffed up.

You're going to 'fluff' up your aura ...

  • Rub your hands together and shake them off

  • Bring the palms to your heart area and bring them up and off, coming down a couple of inches from the start point (doesn't matter in what direction as you'll be doing the entire body).

  • Repeat all over the body.

  • Imagine you are pushing the aura out, waking it up.

  • Now trace myriad Figure 8's all around your body - large/small slow/fast any direction/speed. These do 2 key things:

  1. Stimulate the bio-field

  2. Activate flows of energies that the ancients called Strange Flows and these are true trouble shooters that can hyperlink anywhere in your body or bio-field to heal

  • End by doing an Eden Method exercise devised by Donna Eden: the Celtic Weave. This stimulates the outer layer of your aura

Here is a link to Donna and her daughters doing it

Here is a short video of Donna Eden talking about the aura of wolves

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