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Some of you will already have read my class BAREFOOT REVOLUTION and one thing I love about my 'work', although it's not really 'work' it's simply my 'life'.... is that I'm always learning and recently I was reminded of something I heard a few years ago (from Donna Eden's daughter Dondi Dahlin ) and had forgotten, so let me share it with you now.

In Barefoot Revolution I think I talked about placing your feet on some fresh cut turf on a tray, or the moss bathmats that are now available - both of which are useful grounding tools when indoors, but here's a third way and I'm definitely off to make mine this weekend.

  • Get an old piece of carpet, rug, rug sample, hardboard or even cardboard - about 18" square.

  • Collect some smooth pebbles from the beach - you can also use a few tumbled crystals too.

  • Stick them, with a strong glue, onto the carpet square.

  • Place beneath your feet under your desk and 'voila!' instant earthing!

Happy earthing!

Here's a link to a previous blog on Barefoot Revolution that has a one hour video link in case you'd like more information -on this subject :

or try the direct link to the video ....

and here are some ideas on making a moss bath mat ...

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