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My friend Alex, a seasoned yoga teacher, taught me this pose and I find it really brings me into my body and into the present moment – I love it and hope you will too ....

· Sit on your heels, or in lotus position, half lotus or in a chair – whatever is comfortable to you.

· Put your arms behind you and clasp your left wrist with your right hand and make a circle with your finger and thumb [left hand].

· Lean forward as far as you can. Stay comfortable, going a little bit further with each out breath.

This pose is deeply relaxing and balancing in the sense that it encourages the release of deep seated emotional baggage.

Come out of the pose slowly and sit quietly, perhaps saying your personal prayer of gratitude or read an inspirational quote and ponder upon it. Use this as an opportunity for a minute or two of quiet inward contemplation.

For example ..

To those with wisdom, happiness is not about getting

what you want;

it’s about wanting what you’ve got.

Or a longer prayer which I heard many years ago, I think it is by Denise Lynn – scroll down:


I give thanks and praise to the Creator who

has given me this day.

I call on the Goddess to be with me.

I ask for her peace, love and guidance.

May my guides and companions be with me, to shield, guide and protect me and may I be open to their communication.

I ask for the presence of heavenly messengers

to guide me,

and for the protection and wisdom of my ancestors.

Let the Elements and Gatekeepers of the four directions light my way. As I open to Spirit this day, show me a way to receive the abundant gifts and blessings that are bestowed upon me.

As I open to Spirit this day, show me a way to be of service to the ‘greater good’ of all beings

– in the most divine way.


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