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No, this is not some strange new dance or nocturnal activity thought up by the Goons – it’s actually a very ancient and very uplifting little technique that takes a few seconds.

Simply kiss the area between the eyebrows over the Third Eye – called the Yin Tang point

As you kiss, fill your heart with love and compassion for that person.

Close your eyes and send total love.

The act of kissing with intention like this can activate the pineal and pituitary gland, bringing a gentle sense of calmness and a sense of security. Energy travels up the body from its Yin source in the earth and at the pineal gland it literally bends and can shoot out of the Yin Tang point. Unobstructed, this can give you a gentle, loving lens through which to view life – your very own rose-tinted glasses.

Add an extra dimension to that mistletoe kiss with your beloved.

Comforting to a child (and dogs and horses love it!)

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