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I'm sitting here wrapped up in wool and appreciating that the season is changing, we are coming into Autumn and Metal time, time for us all to reflect Nature and begin to let go of our leaves and go within to restore - within our dwellings and within ourselves. Even the dogs today are reluctant to go outside and are snuggled down in their beds.

When we do venture outside, take your granny's advice and wrap up warm against the Wind and Cold. The ancients believed that pathogens can enter our body through our 'Wind Points', many of which are located around the neck area, so had your granny tapped into that ancient collective wisdom?!

However healthy we think we are we need to protect ourselves against the elements and while it's important to get out of our centrally heated homes and breathe some fresh air, we need to coddle ourselves too. So wrap up!

The other entry point for pathogens is through our respiratory system. This is an area that can challenge me so I'm getting out my vaporiser .... well I would, but I left it in Spain so I've had to order another one!! What I normally do is once a week, or when I feel like it, I treat my lungs to a vaporising session with a drop of my favourite essential oil e.g. Eucalyptus or Benzoin.

In case you are interested, this is the one I've ordered BUT a bowl of hot water, drop of oil and a warm fluffy towel over your head works well too.

Also our diets begin to change and move more towards those Yin root veggies that reflect the season so well.

Now is the time to clear clutter (those old leaves) and ensure you have your sacred space to be able to go within for self reflection and contemplation... to revisit the real you and your authentic feelings ... as we move from Yang to Yin, no more hiding in the branches of busy-ness, expose yourself to you, be kind, nurture as you allow any past pain, grief, anger, anxiety to come up, be seen, honoured and allowed to drop off like the Autumn leaves.

Nature moves through the 5 Element cycle and so do we. Now really is the time to let go of all that 'stuff' that can accumulate emotionally - and right now the natural energies will support the process, don't resist it, go with that flow. This really is the time for YOU, so make the time for YOU.

Okay so the dogs are snuggled down, I'm off to do the same!

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