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Here's a very simple technique that takes no time at all but can help a return to chakra energy balance. It focuses on the 2nd chakra, also known as the Womb Chakra or, to quote my friend Kathy Chambers .... Aphrodite's Bowl - which I love!

  • Rub both hands together and shake off to get rid of any old, stale, tired energies.

  • Feet on the ground and feel that connection to the Earth

  • Smile

  • Slow breathing

  • bring both hands over the womb area

  • Say the following, or words of your choice:


Repeat however many times feels good for you - I usually do about 3 times.

Try doing this outside in Nature to really add another dimension.

WHY would you do it - because connecting to the chakra in this way can help balance the emotions and energies connected to it - first step to balance and harmony!


  ".... it is where the soul embraces the body" – Donna Eden


KEYWORDS           Creativity, relationships, innocent self, flow

LOCATION             Area between umbilicus and pubic bone

COLOUR                Orange, amber – autumn colours

PHYSICAL              sexual organs, lower back, back itself, hip and pelvic area and intestines. All fluids in the body.

EMOTIONAL           Faith, trust, innocence, intimacy, relationships, sharing – non linear and free flowing. Cravings for physical pleasures can sit here. .

    This chakra is the home of your natural child, your basic, innocent ‘me/soul/self’ before it becomes wounded by life.

    It is the protected home of imagination and creativity.  That actual womb carries the highest of all creation – a baby!  is your creativity blocked too, are you frustrated?

    Meditate and make contact with the pure innocent self contained in this Chakra.  Get to know this ‘self’. If you want to know why you came here to this planet at this time and what your purpose is, meditate on this chakra.

    Don’t try making any sense of things using this chakra. It does not house logical, linear thought – it is about surrendering to faith and trust.

    This is the home of your natural healing abilities – your umbilical cord to the universal ‘knowing’.

    The ‘hara’ is located in the auric field between the 2nd and 3rd chakras.  When you are healing, breath/work from this area.


Home of your GUT FEELING.

Often we are tempted to move UP the Chakra system to achieve a 'higher' healing BUT THIS is the chakra that holds the real deep healing, ancestral energy - don't underestimate or  

ignore this one, which is perhaps one of the most potent for ‘healers’.


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