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Updated: Aug 4, 2023


There is no research to support these codes, but I like the fact they are given free and should never be exchanged for money. The above link explains what they are and how to use them.

I’ve used them for about a decade and find they either do nothing at all (definitely no harm) or the positive effect can be quite surprising.

So I pass on the information in the spirit of curiosity – see what you think.

As I’m doing my eye class today, I was looking at the eye numbers

77 78 176 for glaucoma, high pressure inside the eye 77 78 177 for cataract of the lens of the eye 13 78 887 for stye 44 37 224 for conjunctivitis 29 37 853 for improvement in vision 42 37 346 for eye irritation, especially that which is associated with headache 99 65 491 for poor eyesight and blindness of all causes 45 82 531 for ‘pink eye’–conjunctivitis that is severe and recurrent 33 69 878 for eye injury 24 17 158 for hyperopia (farsightedness) 76 14 182 for myopia (nearsightedness)

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