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Tap into your own personal storehouse of energy



We've reached the last point on the meridian. Located on the tip of the thumb.

On both hands.

Tap or massage it to release energy from the meridian and to stimulate flow to give the body temporary support and bring richness to spirit.


It’s a Wood point which means it can help you see with a better perspective, have decision making, and improved ability to plan, to move on to a better future. 

However, if in life you feel that every time you plan a new venture, business evolution etc., it always seems to falter, never quite get off the ground, it could be that Metal (where Lung sits) is procrastinating and controlling Wood too much, not allowing the full potential to emerge. (Wood is the Element that turns vision into reality, gets things done).


Think of the name Little Merchant. A good merchant knows the value of things, how to conserve them, often building up a good storehouse of goods. Then knows when to let go and sell on, for a profit, or because the price of holding on to it is too great.

Your Little Merchant points support a deep understanding of when to let go, there's plenty in the storehouse, so don't live in fear. When you need temporary support, dig into the energy. It can help you get over a crisis period, relieving tension and bringing calm. Particularly useful for asthma and chest complaints.


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