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Summary of all 11 Lung meridian points

We've explored all the 11 acupressure points on the Lung pathway of energy (meridian). Before I move on to share ways of working with the lung energies, let's take a moment to pause and focus on ONE key benefit of working each point. It's not quite that simple but it's a good start to associate each point in this way.

So to summarise the 11 Lung points:


1 – your treasury, your storehouse of energy. Entry + Mu point. Let the sun shine in. (I always think of that song from Aquarius!)

2 – to clear grief. Clear the clouds so you can see that sun.

3 – to find the spiritual aspect

4 – to have the courage to follow the higher path

5 – don’t get bogged down

6 – letting go of old grief and connecting to a lightness of being

7 – opens and clears the whole channel – it’s the exit (and Luo)  point

8 -  clear out debris and gain clarity

9 -  the source point – feeds and gives stability. If you only work one point, make it this one.

10 – seek the sacred and touch the spirit - best for a sore throat!

11 – ability to plan and move towards a future of your choice. (Especially useful after a relationship comes to an end).

Here is me demonstrating how to trace AND flush the lung meridian

This is a great resource - Acupuncture Academy .... Clara Cohen talks about each point in a very clear way - acupuncture oriented but fun.

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