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SPOOKY STORY - can cats heal you from the 'other side'?

I have been blessed with many animal companions in my life and I want to share the story of one in particular.... let me introduce BORIS, rather a topical name at the moment but you can see by the 'antique' phone in the photograph, that we are talking about 1984.

Boris (and his brother Nasher) arrived in my London house as tiny little powder puffs of fur - Yin Yang for sure! The vet said that Boris had such an extreme Persian face that it was unlikely he'd live past 6 years ..... well he went on to live to over 15 - a long and healthy life and one where he helped many of my clients 'heal' as well as enriching and being with me through many tough emotional hurdles - we jumped them together.

He was loving and affectionate to anyone who came to the house but with some he'd follow them into the treatment room, or sit just outside the door. He'd simply sit there and stare at the person for anything from ten minutes to an entire hour. I intuitively 'knew' that he was supporting the treatment in his own special, feline way.

My friend Donna Eden (The Eden Method) can see energy and always remarked he had the most unique energy bio-field - almost a crystal 'colour' - she felt he was definitely 'special'.

I'm sure many of you have felt that healing animal presence. However, what I want to share with you is rather a different experience .....

My mother was always supportive of my work but was also very grounded, down to earth and, dare I say it? a wee bit sceptical. So this was particularly powerful for her and definitely challenged her belief boundaries.

She suffered terribly with arthritis, both osteo and rheumatoid, and one day was sitting quietly in the living room, looking out the French doors into the back garden and trying to somehow deal with the pain, which was moving her to tears. She was alone, so let the tears flow. She looked up and through those tears saw Boris sitting on the lawn staring at her (the way she described it to me was an exact description of what he did in London with my clients, but that I'd never mentioned to her). She looked twice, she shook her head, she rubbed her eyes, but there was Boris, he wasn't going anywhere - he continued to sit on that lawn watching her !!

While she couldn't explain how on earth he was there, for he had 'passed' a couple of years beforehand, she simply accepted that something, albeit a bit 'spooky' (her words) was happening but there was nothing to fear, so she relaxed in the chair and looked at him. The two of them sat like that for some minutes and my mother felt the pain slowly leaving her body. She was astounded and her tears fell again but this time not from the pain, from gratitude because she just 'knew' Boris was working his magic from some other dimension.

After that, Mum began to be very open to the healing 'magic' that exists in this dimension!

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