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SIMPLE FOOD TESTING - Review, questions and a bit more

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Thank you for your great feedback on our class together earlier in the week.

In response to some questions, I'm going to include how to test for quantities of foods: so one glass of wine may be fine but 2 might not be! and also brands: one brand of pasta tests strong and another doesn't, what on earth does that mean?

We are keeping it very simple at this review, but I will do something on more detailed FOOD TESTING later in May as it's proved to be a very popular subject and one I love and taught for decades so it will be fun sharing more tips and techniques with you. You'll begin to see how food can become your medicine! - so watch your inbox for the May newsletter.

But for now, come and join me on my little Spanish hillside on FRIDAY 1ST MAY at 6.30pm UK time.


a]the simplest way is to check with Mr Google your time zone against London's time zone, then you'll get the right local time in your area.

b] IGNORE the time that the Zoom link may give you! Zoom often changes time zone on the link and confuses people. So it will definitely be 6.30pm/18.00hours on Friday.

HERE'S THE LINK: = link to the Zoom room we'll be meeting in.

WHAT YOU'LL NEED bring a few of your favourite foods to test: wheat, cheese, milk, branded cereal, apple, sugar .... whatever you love eating! Ideally without packaging.


I'm a Virgo Metal which basically means I'm a bit of an admin geek. So, the above link should work beautifully BUT if, after 5 minutes nobody is in my room, it signals a tekkie problem and I will switch to another room - which will be .... - this is effectively our back up if the above link goes down.

Already excited about seeing you again tomorrow. x Maddie

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