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Selenite x 8

A reader asked me if she could use a selenite want to make figure 8's on her dog, around the eyes and did she have to do it on his face or from a distance. I thought others might have the same thought. If you are not familiar with Selenite, it's the tall 'white' crystal at the back of the photo. It's inexpensive and relatively easy to access.

The best advice is to see how your horse, dog or cat responds when you introduce something other than your hands (and indeed, to your hands themselves). Observe carefully, do they close their eyes and enjoy it, do they move away .... let your animal dictate.

Selenite is very gentle and most animals will tolerate it well in their bio-field. So you don't have to be right in your pet's face, you can start off about 6 inches from the face and adjust the distance to see which suits him/her the most (i.e. by his/her reaction) and also a distance that you can 'sense' a connection of some kind as you move the energy.

Anyone who has successfully used Selenite and their Figure 8's do chip in with tips on the EEM for animals Facebook page (it's closed and private) ..... it you are new to this, it's always reassuring to hear from people who have used a technique (apart from me!)

I will say one important thing on Selenite, it DOES NOT LIKE WATER, so don't expose it to morning new, wash it etc., it will begin to break down.

It's a lovely gentle crystal and using it for 8's over a specific area of your pet is one way of using it. Another way is to trace an 8 between your heart and your pet's heart chakras .... gently deepening the loving bond between you.

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