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It was wonderful to see so many of you in my little Zoom Room today. If I never got to answer your question in chat, please do feel free to email me - and I will answer.

Here is the Dropbox link to the class replay: click on the link ...

And here is the link to the written notes ...

I invite you to make your own Self-care Oracle cards - and full details can be found on these, dowsing etc,. in my Conversations with the WOW home study module

but you don't 'need' that, just follow instructions on the replay.

A couple of you weren't sure how to do the jug test and I didn't have time to go through it in the class BUT - here is a link to a short film of me doing it, with instructions:

If you go to my You Tube channel you'll find other self-testing techniques too ....

Perhaps set a target of every morning for the next month, find 10-15 minutes to ask the 'higher authority' of your Wise One Within - the ONE KEY THING (I call it the 'tool') THAT YOUR BODY NEEDS THAT DAY ..... either for a specific problem you wish to deal with or general well-being, vitality, optimism etc., You choose.

I KNOW that if you do that for 3-4 weeks, you will notice a difference, you can be your own catalyst for change and healing.

Don't forget this works beautifully for your animal companions too.

May your WOW guide you in love and light xx Maddie

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