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A reminder of a quick immune booster for your animal companion, try it out today ...

It's a great 'daily routine' to support your animal's health and if they are receiving veterinary care, it will not interfere.

Ensure you have balanced energy and stress/anxiety is not out of control so that by osmosis you help support their energies. Simple energy balancing techniques such as the 4 Thumps, Cross Crawl etc., devised by Donna Eden are simple and effective.

If you are not familiar with Donna Eden and The Eden Method - this is a great (short) introduction on how to truly empower your self healing ............ and when you heal yourself by osmosis you help support the healing of your animal companion.

SPINAL FLUSH but make sure you take it off the tail and off the back paws. Not sure how to do this, I've done a video

HEALING 24/7 - see the blog ...... The Lazy Person's Guide to distant healing.

LUNG to influence the blood - trace it three times.... start over the chest, up to the shoulders and down the inside of the front legs and off the paws.

Trace SPLEEN too and that starts at the front paws - use your whole hand for this, you don't have to worry about being 'needle' precise. Come up the inside of the front legs, to the armpit and then down the rib cage. Do it 3 times, slowly deliberately, smiling and perhaps saying an affirmation such as: YOUR BODY IS STRONG, RESILIENT AND IS HEALING ITSELF PERFECTLY.

Mummy Lick i.e. stroke along the side of the mouth, up over the front of the ears, down behind them, over the shoulders and down the front of the legs and off the paws, to calm down anxiety and remember THEY MAY BE REFLECTING YOUR ANXIETY in this strange time. If shock has been involved in their life massage the inside tip of each ear.

..... and lots of loving tittle tattle - after all the energy of LOVE IS THE STRONGEST HEALER there is.

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