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I was asked a question today about the chakras on the paws of dogs and thought you might enjoy the answer too.

I believe the key roles for the mini vortexes of energy located on the paw pads of our animal companions (cats as well as dogs) are:

RECEPTORS TO THE VIBRATIONS CARRIED IN THE EARTH - We know that animals are much more in touch with Nature than perhaps we are. In the wild, animals can pick up vibrational shifts in the earth (through their paws) that could herald a danger of some kind, either from another animal or a natural occurrence. I remember driving through a small village in Morocco that had been totally destroyed by a mud slide and not one person was injured as the animals 'sensed' the shift and the potential for danger and moved away and the villagers were so in tune they followed, they didn't know what it was, but they knew something was going to happen and trusted the animals.

DISCHARGE POINTS FOR STRESS AND SHOCK - I've talked about this in another blog but many of our pets will discharge shock and stress through their paws. this is why, so long as the animal will let you, gently massaging, opening and stroking the paws, helps keep these exit gates open so stress and shock doesn't remain in the body where it can cause mischief.

ENTRY POINTS FOR HEALING, NOURISHING YIN ENERGY FROM THE EARTH - the same as with humans, one source of energy is through the Earth. Keep the paws open and perhaps even Spoon them to ensure the polarity is right. (this is done with the curved bowl of a stainless steel spoon gently stroking over the paw pads). You can also spin a crystal over them - I did a little video on spinning/twirling if you're not sure what I mean - see below. You would do it over the pads of the paws and ends of the claws and sometimes that is more acceptable to an animal as it can be done in the biofield.

This energy in turn travels up to feed the body chakra system.

CONDUIT POINTS - Yin coming up from the earth and Yang coming down from the Sky, so in this way receiving the energy not just for themselves but for the Earth itself and the intricate energy grids that exist. So yes, keeping your pet's paws in good condition is good for the planet!

FEELING SAFE AND CONNECTED - the paw chakras help the animal feel connected to where he/she is and therefore more 'safe', so a definite to consider if you move home or bring home a puppy or rescue dog.

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