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These 4 points will support any energy work. So are well worth learning.

Together, they encourage the general flow of energy around the entire body.

Do them at the beginning of any treatment or your daily practice, and it will take the beneficial effect and efficiency of that treatment up a level.

We are all energy workers of some kind and deal in MOVING ENERGIES around the body, be it EEM, yoga, Tai chi, exercise – anything really.

· Don’t you think it would be easier if that energy was flowing rather than stagnant or sluggish?

· Might that not make it simpler to coax into the right direction and flow?

· Could that mean more efficient use of your time? better results that hold for longer?

First, massage K27 points (see video link and diagram) for 30 seconds to ensure that any energy you do open up is flowing in the right direction. Repeat when you finish holding the four points.

So, what are the points?

LARGE INTESTINE #4 (Joining Valley) NOT IF YOU ARE PREGNANT! – on each side of the body

Think of this as opening the ‘gates’ to enable energy to run in the upper body.

Also excellent for:

· letting go of anything that we are holding on to that is way past it’s sell-by date

· pain relief in the upper body, particularly the head – I personally always use it when I visit the dentist, it enables me to often have work without an anaesthetic

LIVER #3 (Great Rushing/thoroughfare) to open the gates for energy to flow through the lower body. It’s a Master Source Point for liver that has hundreds of functions (over 700 at the last count), so could be regarded as a Jack of All Trades. Again, on both sides of the body.

Link to how to hold the 4 Gates -

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