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Today I thoroughly enjoyed an interview with Claudia on


If you'd like to see part of that interview simply click on this link (it's about 45 minutes) -

I thought it might be useful to set out some of the topics I covered (and some I didn’t) regarding how being ‘grounded’ and working with your energies can support your vision.

If we can get the many energies of the body into the best possible balance, this would include energies such as meridian pathways, chakras, then the health of the physical and emotional bodies begin to improve.

Working with the body in this way is natural, organic, easy and 'free'.

Crucial to this balance is our connection to the energies of the earth beneath our feet.

When the body is well grounded it is literally plugged into an 'energy supply' that feeds every single cell of our body, impacting every system and organ, including the eyes.

To optimize vision, energy needs to be flowing freely and this cannot happen without being fully grounded.

So, let’s look at how we can achieve that elusive grounding ….

….. Key is to step out of an overactive STRESS RESPONSE and into quieter, calmer state of being.

The quieter you become, the more connected you become to your body, the more energy is released to heal and maintain the body – including eye health …. 99.9% of any problem we experience can be caused or exacerbated by stress, so it makes sense that the less stress you experience the more your body can heal.

What do I mean by ‘grounding’.

DEFINITIONS: An electrical device is “grounded” when it is connected to the ground in a way that allows excess energy to leave the system. We are:

Donna Eden describes it as …

PHYSICALLY GROUNDED when we can feel our connection with the Earth and carry ourselves (posture, movement, awareness) in a manner that is in harmony with the Earth’s gravitational pull.

EMOTIONALLY GROUNDED when our energies and emotions move through our physically-grounded body freely and are wholesomely discharged through our cells, our breath, our thoughts, and our actions.

SPIRITUALLY GROUNDED when a physically-grounded body and an emotionally-grounded mind are in harmony and alignment with one another and with “spirit” (the animating force within living things).

UNGROUNDEDNESS seems to be developing into an epidemic in the Western world.

As we advance technologically we appear to be slowly losing our instinctive connection with Mother Earth and all her wisdom and energy.

Hippocrates said:

Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue.

They are developed from small daily sins against Nature.

When enough sins have accumulated,

Illness will suddenly appear.

So be aware of any little ‘sins against Nature’ – the first of which is to be disconnected... i.e. UNgrounded.

Let’s take it one step further and consider the idea that grounding is not just about us as individuals, it’s also about the planet itself.

We are nothing more than millions of little ‘connecting conduits’ walking around, vehicles for the Yang energies above us and the Yin below (deep from the Earth’s core) to connect. Our human energetic field is suspended, literally, between Heaven and Earth.

So, when we improve our grounding, we not only benefit ourselves, we are doing ‘our bit’ for keeping the planet balanced.

Energetically there is a primal flow between us and the Earth. It’s a two-way flow, one of detox and nourishment:

1. She feeds us, being a key source of our post-natal energy

2. She has the unique ability to absorb and dispose of old, stale, toxic, tired energetic ‘gunk’ that we can accumulate, so that we can have space to receive new, fresh, replenishing energies.

It’s no wonder we call her MOTHER Earth.

Grounding is sometimes under-rated and can mistakenly be dismissed as irrelevant. I’ve even heard it called ‘trivial.’

You may think you don’t always have time for it, but it’s one of the most powerful things you can do to develop your senses and to keep you safe and stable in your life and work with energy.

If you are grounded, your energies will benefit. When you discharge energetic 'gunk' into the earth , energy can be directed to self-healing. By sheer osmosis those around you get a boost towards balance too: your loved ones, pets, clients – anyone that comes into your energetic orbit.

…. And forget not

That the Earth delights to feel your bare feet

And the winds long to play with your hair ….

Khalil Gibran

Nature is indeed your friend when grounding and some of my favourite ways to connect to Gaia:

A Quick ‘Physical’ Grounding Technique (memorize and keep in your back pocket!)

1. Do a 3rd-Eye/Navel Hook-Up 2. Place your hands at the sides of your waist (at the Belt Flow) 3. With your thumb in the front and fingers toward the back, slide your hands slowly and firmly down your legs 4. When you get to your feet, squeeze at the sides of your feet 5. End by tracing up the Spleen meridian

IN THE MORNING. Walk barefoot on the sand by the sea and feel the water lap over your feet. Choose a quiet place and sit, feet and hands buried into the sand. Feel the Earth take away what is no longer nourishing for you and let the energy of Water clean and cleanse you as you go forward for the day.

Barefoot, direct contact with the earth is the very best. We are so separated in the West by footwear, high rise living and working, cars, trains, and planes. So, getting right down to a nitty gritty ‘earthy’ connection revitalises our circuits in a powerful, organic and natural way. If we don’t, we are depriving ourselves of a potent source of energy.

You may not have the luxury of a beach on your doorstep, but a small garden, park – any small patch of ‘earth’ will do.

We talked today about the 'moss mat' that may bring some grounding to your bathroom, or the carpet decorated with smooth pebbles and stones. How can you bring Nature into your home?

IN THE EVENING. Walk barefoot on the grass to a quiet place in Nature where you can observe the sunset and give thanks for all the good things you have received during the day. Cultivate an ‘attitude of gratitude’ in your life. Today it is all too easy to dwell on the perceived ‘negative’ and forget the fact that we can walk, breathe, smell, see, hear, touch, are loved, have food, shelter and friends. It does us good to consciously remind ourselves of all that we DO have.

ANYTIME. Sit with your spine against a tree trunk. After a car accident when I was a young woman and several falls when horse-riding, my back loves the energetic exchange between it and the Earth and the wonder of Wood, that governs flexibility in the body and mind. Do you need that? The tree connects the flow on Governing meridian and takes that energy down the roots of the tree into the Earth and then up again into the body, creating an impulse that stimulates the Radiant Circuits.

Do these, or grounding exercises of your choice, daily for optimum benefit. If this is new to you, try them all and then choose those that you enjoy and that feel as if they are indeed moving something in your body. Observe carefully how your eyes react. It may take time, you may have to be consistent and patient but things will improve.

Benefits of grounding include:

· Better energy flow to all organs and systems – including the eyes. You might wonder what the feet have to do with the eyes, but they are the entry points for energy that will ultimately nourish the eyes

· Efficient discharge of stale energetic ‘plaque’ (or gunk as it's technically known as!)

· Encourages a state of calmness, reducing stress which again, impacts vision

· Improves mood, immunity, inflammation in the body and sleep

· Reduces stress and helps bring a healthier mood and perspective

· Helps release inwardly or outwardly directed anger and other potentially harmful emotions

· A better ability to move any shock or trauma out of the body

· A feeling of being fully present and connected, especially to your instinctive WOW (Wise One Within).

So what can you do?