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Some people do it with chocolate, doughnuts, crisps or fast food, I do it with cheese; when you want a bit of mouth comfort, what is your preferred munch?

Own up! we've all done it at some time in our life, some more than others.

Get smart to one of the basic misconceptions of eating.

Food is not emotional nutrition. Yes, food can be your very best medicine BUT it's not an anti-depressant. It may make you feel better temporarily but that's all, it can often make you feel worse when the initial satisfaction wears off! Treat 'comfort eating' as a signal of some deeper need your 'inner you' is dealing with.

Before you reach for the fridge or cupboard door, ask yourself WHY? Click on this link

One of the reasons is that powerful marketing, PR and advertising has implanted in your little grey cells, from childhood, that if you eat a particular product you will be happier (and some claim even healthier), that it's a savvy lifestyle choice and that life will be so much better. I should know I used to work in advertising.

  • Break the belief that comfort food will make you happier.

  • Break the misguided belief that eating junk fuels the body in some way.

  • Break the emotional connection with comfort food.

  • Build the belief that you can be happier, definitely healthier, more energised and enjoy a better mood with the right foods.

  • Build the knowing that your emotional challenges will not be solved by eating.

  • Build the knowing that emotional eating of nutritionally bankrupt foods creates challenges for your body and can dull your mood. It's not going to serve you in any way.

Easier said than done, especially as so much comfort eating is eaten on the run, quickly and often mindlessly, in response to a 'false' hunger.

Because it's often devoid of any real nutrition, you will still be hungry as your body seeks the fuel it needs. It may start eating huge quantities of junk seeking some sort of nutrition.

This week, in addition to asking yourself 'why?', consider:

Eliminating snacking from your day - hydrate instead, your body is probably thirsty. Eat when you are hungry and know the difference between authentic hunger and chemical or emotional cravings.

Reprogramme around mindless munching of comfort foods (see below)

Create time to plan, buy and create simple, healthy, nutritious foods that support rather than stress your body.

Learn to recognise 'junk', move beyond a clever front label of a product and study the ingredients as some 'junk' comes heavily disguised as a healthy option.

Increase cooking from scratch and use fresh ingredients, organic where possible. It doesn't take that much longer if you are savvy with what you cook. An example: last night in a steamer I put a bundle of veggies, spinach and cabbage, topped with a fillet of salmon. Took me a little over 5 minutes to prepare. I left it for about 20 minutes, came back - transferred it to a bowl with a little butter, black pepper and organic soy sauce. How simple is that!

Make the time to sit down, without distractions and enjoy eating mindfully, slowly chewing and savouring each mouthful so that it's a nutritious experience for your senses too. Click on this link for a bit more detail:

It all comes down to having enough time and motivation. Creating the time to THINK about why and what and when you are eating. Deep down inside you know what to do, it's reconnecting to that wisdom within, getting past decades of programming by the food manufacturers.

So how do you begin to unpick all that clever advertising and marketing?

  • Tap gently about a dozen times over the area half way down the breastbone. This is a 'tap' that features in work by Donna Eden (The Eden Method) - it places you in a temporary energetic balanced state where positive self-talk is more easily and readily accepted by that area outside your conscious control that I call the Mini-me. Mini-me can be reprogrammed to support, rather than sabotage, your efforts to 'Eat for Energy'.

  • With one hand hold the forehead

  • Place the other hand over the heart area

  • Regulate your breathing

  • Smile to release endorphins

  • Repeat a positive statement of your choice. Most of the time I start with the words 'it is now safe....' to counter any unconscious 'fear' around an issue. Another effective start is 'I now deserve ....' The secret is to experiment with your wording until you find something that sits right. Then do it and objectively evaluate if it helps you reach for nutrition rather than the empty calories of perceived comfort!

It is now safe for me to eat only healthy, nutritious foods that heal and strengthen my body. I can easily assess the wisdom to recognise what is authentic and works for me and happily let go of any addictive desire to eat junk for comfort.

.If you are interested in weight adjustment - check out the Weight Loss Warrior section of my website blog:

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