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This little word isn't just restricted to the curiosity associated with toddlers and young kidiwinks.

If you are trying to release a few extra pounds, it's a word you could be using every time you open the fridge or food cupboard door.

Put a little sign up on the door - stop - smile and ask yourself WHY are you reaching for food?

  • Is it authentic hunger?

  • Is it boredom?

  • Is it reward?

  • Is it to increase your energy/concentration?


Sometimes just that simple act of stopping and asking this little three lettered word can prevent us 'mindless munching' - you become more mindful and in doing that you discover your inner motivation. From that springboard you can work on improving your eating habits.

Try it this week - with food, tobacco, wine .... anything that could be a MINDLESS HABIT in your life.

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