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I'm often asked for a simple way to help support a pet's immunity and resilience. There are so many things you can do but a very easy one is to strengthen the Spleen energy in the body by 'tracing' the energy pathway on the body, this will encourage a more fluid flow of the energy in the organ and ultimately impact the physical.

This is suitable for dogs, cats and horses, in fact most animals, the energy flows are similar.

The pathway runs from the back paws (medial first claw pad/toe), up the inside of the body to the armpits and down a few inches on the side ribcage. See diagram below.

With a larger animal you use the entire palm to slowly trace the pathway, with a smaller animal the pads of one or two fingers .... I favour the index and middle finger.

Tracing can be done either touching the fur or a few inches off the body.

Do is slowly, with intention.

You can do both sides of the body at the same time, or one at a time. However, your animal will let you know if you are overdoing it. Animals respond so much more quickly than humans so sometimes they only need a few seconds of tracing.

I normally will trace 3 times in a session

Can be done as many times as you think of it - say a minimum of twice a day.

Smile and bring your full attention to what you are trying to do, work from the heart and 'tittle tattle' - something like: "Your immune system is becoming so resilient, you are becoming stronger every day and every single cell in your body is regenerating in health and vitality - all is well and you are loved "

Thank you AM for your wonderful pet drawings, whenever I use them, I smile.

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