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Would you like more money in your life?

Money takes care of our survival needs of safety, food, shelter etc., but it can also allow us to help others, free us from money-worries which is good for our health and provide us with time-out to spend in family and friends. It can even support our spiritual development.



  • Ensure your core belief about money isn't blocking it coming in!

  • Ensure your Mini-me believes she/he DESERVES to have money

  • Ensure the whole subject of money feels SAFE to Mini-me

In this one hour class, I discuss the real basics of attracting abundance/money/wealth/riches into your life. Below are a few of the statements we worked with today, to save you writing them down and if you would like more information there is a book available via Amazon in print or Kindle format

If you want to go even further, there is a home study module available on the website.

and for the link to this free one hour class

And now for the statements to use as a basis for formulating your own:

  • I love money and money loves me. It comes to me so easily.

  • I love money and money loves me. it now flows in fast and free!

  • I'm a wealthy healthy woman

  • Money is a good, positive thing - this is the statement you test. You need to be strong on this one

  • I deserve to be wealthy ..... make sure you test strong on this one

  • It is now safe for me to be wealthy. To prosper and thrive. Money is great. It's time. I'm a money magnet. Thank you.

  • I now love and attract money to me. I'm a money magnet.

  • Money loves me and it flows to me in the most divine way. My life is truly enriched. All is well. thank you.

Remember I mentioned Ian White's combination essence: ABUND (Australian Bush Flower Essences). Take as directed.

OKAY! so you are off and running. Good luck, look for the signs, some are small at first - WELCOME and ACKNOWLEDGE them and they will gain momentum and do share your stories with me, one of the biggest joys is hearing how this works in many different and creative ways for people.

Everything is energy, including money: a huge percentage of an atom is empty ‘space’ and the ‘you’ you can sense with your 5 senses only amounts to tiny percentage of the whole you … the rest is that space = energy.

Money is only energy, so abundance is learning to work on an energetic level to move energy in a way that is positive to you.

When you accept the presence of ‘energy’ in this way, you enter the ‘energy realm’ and are able to hook in and work with that energy, to create your reality.

You will be able to generate abundance, self-healing, handle stress more effectively, connect and 'like' the real authentic you. As you align and connect with the non-physical you, you’ll need less and less the approval of others, you’ll be able to stand strong as 'you', you’ll know what your authentic self is and be able to walk that path with integrity. You'll know where you are going.

I have been astonished by how, somehow, what I need always seems to come into my life and this in turn has built my belief in my ability to connect to that energetic 'source' and not restrict my resources. No, I'm not a millionaire but that's not what I look for, I'm now not so attached to material 'stuff', especially as I mature. So, what DO I want?

  • I do want to feel the security of not worrying every time a bill comes in or a standing order has to go out,

  • I do want to enjoy good quality food for myself and my animal companions.

  • I do want to heat my home in Winter without worrying about the bill,

  • I do want to nest comfortably in my little cottage.

  • I do want to be able to donate to charities that touch my heart.

  • I do want to have enough free time in my life to walk my dogs in the beautiful English countryside - often the criteria for my work schedule is allowing me enough free-time and enough money can buy you that time.

  • I do want to have time to read the increasing pile of books by my bedside (and be able to afford to buy them!)

  • I do want to be able to visit friends and not worry about the travel costs


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