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Yin time under the moon

I invite you to do this today, and if you like it, make it a habit … take 20 minutes tonight, wrap up, make a hot drink and go and sit under the moon, sheltered if it's raining.

Take these few minutes to disconnect from the chattering of an overactive mind responding to the demands of the busy-ness in your life.

Come back to YOU - with a smile.

Dive deep into you, with no judgement, no expectation, simply gratitude for all you have been able to do and all that you have.

Set the intention that every single cell in your body regenerates with health and vitality, all is as it should be (however confusing or even painful it may seem at the moment) and all WILL be well in your life.

Bring attention to your breathing and exhale all the old, stale, tired and even toxic thoughts you hold, then inhale the natural nurturing, healing, calming, wise woman energy of that Yin Moon. Allow it to bring balance back into your being, a loving and kind perspective .. most of all remind yourself that from this moment you are going to be kind to you, you will be self-nurturing, you will smile, laugh, re-connect to the lightness of being and the silliness of the child within.

Disconnect for a while from the collective energies and let it be simply you and the Moon.

Before you go back into your home, open your arms to the Moon, feel the connection, gather her energy in your arms and bring it back to bathe your heart chakra and feel it, from that centre, move with love, throughout your body.

Smile as that Wise One Within reassures you that indeed 'all is as it should and all is well'.

PS - thank you Pixie for this wonderful picture by Kat Fedora

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One time about 10 years ago, I was contemplating the moon, and a lady… the lady of the moon apparently, whom I did not know about… reached out her left arm and touched my head!! That is what I saw/felt/experienced. But since then, most of the time when I sit with Moon, I often feel that I don't know how to be meditative or receptive… it’s that modern problem of trying to imitate our indigenous ancestors, trying to have a relationship with a part of life we’ve been taught is inanimate and it feels awkward and artificial, even though it’s very nice for a few minutes. I do it because I learned from Prune H that Moon fills our aura…

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