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When you don't think you can take it all in!

Sometimes in life you think you are NEVER going to be able to take in the information you need to, especially in lectures, workshops etc.,

This is when TRUE TRUST comes in.

Here's something I often say at the beginning of my classes; I always give extensive handouts so students feel they are able to simply sit back, relax and listen/watch and get a real feel for what I'm teaching, without the distraction of note-taking. My handouts then act as an 'aide memoire' later.

The more relaxed you are, the more the information goes in.

Although saying that I honour those who want to take notes because that is part of how they absorb the info ..... each of us takes takes it in differently. However, maybe this will help .....

Massage and pull out each ear - your entire body is reflected in them and by stimulating blood flow to this area you will be affecting every single organ in the body, bringing about balance and creating space to 'hear' and take in through these little 'antenna'.

Equally you could do The Tibetan Meditation Pose (the alternative Wayne Cook if you are an EEM student/description below) to ensure your energies are unscrambled and you will 'get' whatever is being shared with more clarity.

Quietly know that what you need to know you will take away with you, it won't be forgotten, it will resonate deep down inside and you will be able to retrieve it when you need it.

Smile and say ....

May I hear what I need to hear.

May I see what I need to see.

May I feel what I need to feel.

May I be touched by what I need to heal and evolve.

May I learn to truly listen to find the truth.

May I be open to that truth and the change it may bring.

May I build my own unique bridge to compassionate understanding.

Thank you.

Unscrambling energy

Tibetan meditation pose

This unscrambles the energies making for clearer communication, clearer thinking, improved left/right brain integration.

It will enable you to 'take in' more easily that which is been communicated, be it in a personal conversation, class or any learning situation.

It returns your energy circuits to default, reduces stress, and encourages release of past emotional baggage or trauma.

It cheers you up in no time at all, so great for when you are feeling sad, confused or angry.

Holding our arms crossed in front of us is sometimes considered to be a blocking pose but in reality, if you are over-stimulated, you are naturally trying to unscramble so that you can understand more clearly, so it is the total opposite of being blocked, it is about wanting to be open and understanding.


  • Sit [or stand], cross the arms over the chest with hands under the armpits, thumbs out and up. Close your eyes, breath and smile. Stay in this position until you feel calm.

  • Bring your hands into prayer position in front of the chest and take a couple of breaths.

  • Put your arms out in front of you, palms facing outwards. Feet are still crossed.

  • Cross the wrists and intertwine your fingers, pull them towards you, up and under, so your clasped hands are sitting under your chin. As in the picture above and the link below.

  • Did you do this when you were a child? I have asked many people from different countries and most have – as children we instinctively get ourselves into positions that encourage balance.

  • · Close your eyes, breath and smile. Hold for as long as you want – even a few seconds will work.

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