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OK, so in the spirit of authenticity ...... I have to fess up: I'm in the 5th day of a class (residential, away from home) and up until yesterday I was 'in control', drinking water, not eating the biscuits and cakes .... even feeling a bit smug about it. Travelling and teaching has always been a challenge to my weight adjustment plan.

So feeling smug and then suddenly the little piglet in me took over last night and I ate dinner with chips, bread, cheese (and the rest) ... what happened? I was tired, getting towards the end of the class and in a nano second reverted to old habits of eating that continued until this morning when I had sausage and egg for breakfast!!!

Oops!! we all trip up sometimes but the secret is to get up and back on your weight adjustment programme as quickly as possible. So, right this minute, I'm committing, by writing this blog, to get back on track NOW!!

Do you want to join me? Have you been 'naughty' recently???? and I use that word in the humorous/positive way.

What am I going to do?

  • 2 litres of water a day

  • stretch/walk

  • Healthy food choices for the rest of the class

  • Once home - 2 days of 'green juice' to eliminate any chemical addiction to the 'naughty' foods

  • Once home - boy are Mabel and Merlin going to get some long walks!

  • Once home - back to yoga and Pilates classes

All of it with a smile and a touch of reprogramming Mini-me to accept these 'back on track' tactics.

I'll report back to the MIDLIFE GODDESS group - why not share your experience too. How do YOU get back on track?

Accept there will always be those 'naughty moments' - it's natural, you are not a bad person ..... simply jump up and get back on track as soon as you can .... with a smile xxx Maddie

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1 commentaire

Paula Gilson
Paula Gilson
02 août 2022

Maddie you may be occasionally naughty, but sure are nice. ❤️ Enjoy the occasional indulgence with gratitude for a bit of fun, and then honor yourself and get back on track.

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