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Weight Loss. Why?

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

I have a little group called the Weight Loss Warriors (hence my little warrior woman above) and together we are exploring ways of addressing the thickening waistlines.

One of the most useful things one member shared with me was this …

On your fridge and food cupboards stick a little post-it note with the word WHY?

Every time you reach for a little mindless munchie it will make you STOP and ask yourself, why are you reaching for food? are you bored, angry, lonely, need a reward, tired? See if there is a common thread you can identify.

Often just the act of stopping will be enough for you to make a healthy choice.

I also talk to myself: “I know I can eat that cheese if I so wish, it’s not a problem, I can have it any time I wish BUT for now I’m choosing not to eat it, I’m choosing to be slim fit and healthy. Adios cheese, another time!”

I know this sounds a little crazy, but it really does help reduce between meal munchies and over enthusiastic ordering at restaurants or picking at the bread!

Try it, you’ll be surprised.

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