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Want to lose some excess weight before Christmas?

OK, I'm going to start by making a pledge right upfront that I'm going to be totally open, frank and honest about my 'weight-loss journey'.... even though it may make me cringe with embarrassment sometimes, but it's essential we are honest with ourselves, and each other, in this respect.

I formed a group, a couple of decades ago called THE WEIGHT-LOSS WARRIORS and have resurrected it this year as I definitely need to lose some weight - not necessarily for my looks (I actually quite like being an 'abundant goddess'!) but definitely for my health and the happiness of my knees (I've got the added incentive in that I want to walk the Camino de Santiago again in 2023 and have to get fit for that).

I've just come back from 5 weeks 'on the road' teaching - so mostly hotel living and restaurant eating and guess what? yep! I piled on 11 pounds, 11 bloated pounds !!!! I was shocked when I jumped on the scales because secretly I was quite pleased with myself, my mouth hadn't got the better of me BUT, and this is the key point here, I had eaten things my body had difficulty processing and then eliminating.

Bob Hoskins once said: "What defines you as a person is not that you fall down but how quickly you get up from that mat" and boy does my mouth trip me up sometimes! So, I'm getting up off the mat, stretching my 'warrior wings' and will work at getting that 11 lbs off, plus quite a few more. It's one thing being abundant and another being chunkily chubby!! I need to get my jawline back and get rid of the 'bloat'!

If you're interested you can check my progress on my website (blog) and the supporting closed FB page - THE HEALTHY GODDESS II - I'll post something most weeks. I'd love to think that some of you will join me and share your experiences on the page - we can be Weight loss Warriors together!

I know we've got Christmas coming up, but I need to start now before my jawline totally disappears! As my old Nan used to say: "no time like the present". You might even be contemplating losing a few extra pounds before the Christmas festivities begin.

SO ...... two things this week you can do with me should you feel inclined:

Firstly - I know that my body does not process wheat, dairy and the obvious 'chemically laden junk food'. So, without even testing it, I'm going to eliminate those 100% from my mouth's vicinity this week. Immediately that's going to lift the stress on my metabolism and reduce the bloat that makes my rings feel tight and my tum look ENORMOUS! (I'll tell you about how to test before you ingest in another post)

Secondly - I'm going to have a serious chat with my 'Mini-me' to make sure she's supporting rather than sabotaging my attempts to keep my eating habits healthy. So 3 times a day I'm going to say (aim for 6 times a go: 3 tapping with the right hand and 3 tapping with the left hand) - so you are aiming to repeat this affirmation a total of 18 times a day, but if you can repeat it more, even better!


I'll be smiling and at the same time tap my left hand, which will be sitting over my heart, just below the little and ring fingers. Camp it up, smiling means your Mini-me will more easily accept what you are saying.

Mini-me is that area outside our conscious control or awareness that can play havoc with our attempts to become healthier and happier.

Join me and become an official Warrior!

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