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I was going through some of my old 'bitesize' posts and found this one, and I'm drawn to sharing it with you.

We have so many valves in our body, often forgotten, until they go wrong! We have them in our heart, digestion: ileocecal, Houston etc.,

There is a great test and correction for all the valves in the body.

TO TEST – put your lips tightly together and blow out so your cheeks plump up like Louis Armstrong – energy test in that position. (If you are not sure how to energy test - see my free guide on the About page of ) - or - just assume it's weak and do the correction, even if your valves are in good shape, this little exercise will maintain that balance.

Weak? One or more of the valves is/are out.

It could be any one and the good news is you can do one correction for all:

TO CORRECT – with your fingers, stretch out liberally the inner lips and mouth, then pull your mouth open, as you did when you were a kid making faces - this can reset all the valves in the body… mucky business this, so best done on yourself!

Stretch out for about 30-60 seconds. You are creating space for energy to move and valves to be reset.

Why does this work? – we are affecting the Buccinator Muscle which reflects a valve/sphincter motion, think of pursing your lips up to blow a kiss. ‘pucker up’ .

In kinesiology it is associated with all the valves.

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