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This little point is great for when life gets unclear and 'cloudy'!

Updated: Jul 6

Following on from my last Blog on Lung 1 – your CENTRAL TREASURY, let’s now look at your very own CLOUD GATE i.e. the second point on the Lung meridian.

Cloud Gate needs to be open as it is especially useful:

When you feel you are living under a cloud of negativity.

When you want to ‘open a gate’ and find a direction and focus for your life.

When that sun will not shine in from Lung 1 because the Lung 2 cloud

is obscuring your inner skyscape.

When you need to clear the ‘fog’ and aid clarity of thought.

It is also useful for opening the connection between the lungs and heart. Heartache and grief …. What is the difference? Both can cloud your perception of life.

Holding or taping Frankincense resin (or rubbing a little diluted essential oil) on this point, or Rose Quartz, is one way to help ease these emotions. Massage firmly on the body, or lightly in the biofield over the point area, Figure 8 or circle over the point. Even 'open up' the point by stretching out in all directions from the central area and end with a Figure 8.

Other possible benefits include:

Cloud Gate is often used to address respiratory conditions, such as coughing, wheezing, chest congestion, and difficulty breathing. It is believed to help regulate the flow of Qi (energy) in the lungs and improve lung function and ease any discomfort.

The lungs are associated with the emotion of grief, sadness and unshed tears. Massaging this point can help release some of these pent up emotions that have perhaps been held in your body for a long time.

Lois Francis puts it perfectly: "They may see the beauty of the world around them, but they are unable to take it in to nurture their soul." & "it's like living surrounded by a fog, you can't see your way out of it".

Any point that is a gate needs to be functioning fully so it can let in the positive and give an exit or keep out the negative. As we approach the Winter season of colds, flus and Covid, it is one to watch.

Location: This point is located bilaterally on the chest, at the level of the second intercostal space, about 6 cun lateral to the anterior midline, and approximately 1 cun above Lung 1 (LU-1). See diagram below. Do you remember the easy way to find Lung 1? Then just move one cun (thumb width) above that.

picture taken from Deadman's online Manual of Acupuncture

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Angela Wellborn
Angela Wellborn
29 ago 2023

If I may point out, the location description appears to have an error. I believe you mean "1 cun [above] Lung 1" and "move one cun [above] that."

I love this knowledge you're sharing and very much need to work with this series of lung points for my life. Thank you for clearly and generously writing your blogs!

Me gusta
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