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Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Kindness emanates from the heart and it is said that Heart energy is one of the most healing energies on this planet.

So, tapping into kindness is tapping into the ‘infinite’.

Bring that powerful ‘juju’ to your self-care, to loved ones, to animals, to work colleagues, to people you meet, to the planet. Make it a staple in your life, fill your days with little random acts of thoughtfulness, kindness, tenderness, consideration, helpfulness, compassion and love. What might be a small act to you could change a person’s life, be a catalyst for change of some kind, rippling out into the future. Because it will come from the safe haven of love, the effect will always be positive.

And … it will have a positive effect on you too, it can give you a nice warm karmic glow. It must be true because scientists have studied the effects of acts of kindness on the brain and found there are two distinct types of kindness that impact the brain differently (but both feel good): the ‘I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” strategic kindness and what we call unconditional, altruistic kindness – when we just give from the heart (not the brain).

Your little grey cells react differently to each act of kindness. Being strategic (and let’s be honest we ALL are sometimes!) will give you a rush of positive feelings but scientists found that altruism lights up a larger spectrum of the brain, making us happy – think of adopting a kitten: that’s kindness and your Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex laps it up.

Mother Teresa advised us to look after our own ‘backyards’ before trying to go out and change the world – just imagine if we all lived from the heart, with kindness, the change we could bring about on this planet – it would be instant and it’s so simple

Here’s a little article of mine that was published a few years ago ….

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