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Empowered self-care for yourself and your animal companion


Beautiful rural location with animals

Godshill Park Barn

JULY 2020

Arriving Friday 24th at 3pm

Departing Monday 27th at midday

Once again, we return to the outstandingly beautiful countryside of the ISLE OF WIGHT to Kathy and Mark’s 250+ acre farm to enjoy working with alpacas, llamas, pigs, goats, sheep, cows, horses, Shetlands, doggies, ducks and chickens.

This rural hideaway is the perfect setting for my ‘animal retreats’ that focus on providing:

a] a practical toolkit of tips and techniques that you can use immediately on yourself and your animal companion

b] you with an opportunity to rest and replenish, to take some time out for you at a gentler pace, with like-minded people.

We will cover:

· Ways of preparing yourself to work with animals and sense their energies

· What’s stopping you? Is there a hidden resistance to tapping into your natural healing ability?

· Enhancing your intuitive touch

· How to improve your sensitivity, ‘knowing’ and connection with your animal companion to encourage healing both physically and emotionally

· Maddie’s favourite healing techniques for animals both hands-on and hands-off

· How to successfully surrogate test your animal companion

· Maddie’s special technique that can be used to gather information if you are not confident in testing.

· How to energy test to see what foods suit your pet’s unique body chemistry

· Putting together your ‘home-care’ kit: homeopathic remedies, flower essences, essential oils, crystals etc.,

· How to support veterinary care

The animals in our lives respond to our moods, emotions and energetic balance. By sheer osmosis we can support or sabotage our companion’s health. In fact, sometimes their physical symptoms are reflecting a ‘need’ in us. It therefore makes sense to be as energetically robust as possible, our animals will sense and respond to such ‘balance’ in us. We will therefore, touch on how to achieve that energetic balance.

The fee of £595 includes:

· Accommodation (single) for 3 nights (contact Madison direct if you and your partner or friend would like to share a room)

· Breakfasts and light suppers

· Tea and cake in the afternoons

· Water at all times

· Teaching and admin fees

The Isle of Wight is relatively easy to access with direct train connections to London and Gatwick Airport. Come across in 22 minutes on the passenger catamaran or the more leisurely car ferry that takes about 45 minutes – both departing from Portsmouth Harbour.

We can provide more information on travel.

Hope you can join us but with only a limited number of places available, book soon to avoid disappointment. Registration is online via my

If you would like further information please feel free to email me direct on -

PLEASE NOTE The Barn where we hold the class has just been refurbished and sadly, at this time, we can't accept any 4-legged friends - sorry! but there are many on the farm for us to work with.

Click here to find out more about GODSHILL PARK FARM AND BARN

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