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SIMPLE SELF TESTING the follow up meeting on Friday

Updated: Sep 26, 2020 = link to the Zoom room for meeting up on Friday 1st May at 6.30pm UK time. Review, testing and Q&A.

WHAT ELSE IS HAPPENING - I know the email today didn't reach everyone, so below is information on some upcoming home study modules that might interest you. I've made them relevant to the situation we all find ourselves in at the moment.

I will also be hosting Kim Dowdell - she is doing one or two short online classes each week to support us in this time - keep an eye on social media for details or contact Kim herself on

Finally next month I will be doing a one day class WHAT EVERY ENERGY WORKER NEEDS TO KNOW ..... a day full of hints and tips I've picked up over the decades that can help 'uplevel' your work with energy, be it on yourself or others. Details will come out next week.

I will be launching a Maddie's Module on CARING FOR OUR LUNGS next week. It's expanded and grown from a simple blog to a full blown Module. I'll do a free class with a few of the techniques for everyone. Details will be posted soon.

Next month the module of SLEEP SECRETS will be ready for you too. Again, details will be posted towards the end of May.

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