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SELF TESTING - a series of free tutorials

As promised, I’m consolidating the information I shared earlier in the year about self-testing.

The idea is to record a series of short tutorial videos – maybe only a few minutes long – guiding you through, step by step the various aspects of self-testing – the ultimate SELF CARE tool. Building on it each time. If you are new to energy testing you will learn how to do it, if you are already an energy tester it may underpin your confidence and expand your skills.

I believe so passionately that this is one of the most useful and most empowering tools you can learn, that I offer this to anyone who is interested absolutely free of charge – I only ask that you use it and enjoy it!

To give a focus I’m relating everything to testing ‘food’ – this is another powerful self-care tool for both you, your family and pets: making food your medicine!

Here is what is already available:

  • Free when you join my website newsletter – a short handbook on self testing

  • Under the blogs section on my website, click on ‘more’ and scroll down to the ‘energy testing’ section where you’ll find 9 ‘blogs’ on energy testing – each a pdf and some containing a link to a replay video.

I've taken a few weeks off but am back and ready to start up again, so take a look at the information already available, maybe join the newsletter so you get the booklet and enjoy, as it unfolds, the series of short videos over the coming weeks - there will be many as it's such a rich and enriching area to explore that I'm sure it will go on for a whole year !

Let me know if there is a particular area you are interested in.

The next tutorial will be self testing to determine the optimum dosage of a particular supplement you need to take. I will be posting it this weekend.

With love in these strange times - Maddie

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