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Perfect point to stop a cough attack

LUNG 10  - ideal to stop a cough attack


 (with grateful thanks to A Manual of Acupuncture - Deadman print and digital)

I was introduced to this point a few years ago by Dr Melanie Smith who was teaching at an EEM foundations class with me.  I had a coughing fit for no real reason and she just grabbed my hand and held Lung 10 firmly – within about 5 seconds the cough stopped as quickly as it has started.  Now how is that for delivery! 

Hold, press, pulse or firmly massage this point, for three deep breathes + smile.

Located halfway along the bone – then move just off the bone towards the  the fatty pad. Acupressure points are never on the bone itself.

In the Chinese tradition, the fish was considered sacred and symbolised God.

This point can help us reconnect to that God/goddess within, it nourishes the need to seek the sacred and touch the spirit within us. It’s interesting that the fish is also a symbol for Christianity.


Do you feel disconnected? cut off? perhaps there is some mental rigidity? then pressing or rubbing this point can warm you up and bring you back to an open lovingness.

Increase the ability to give and receive.

It can help us surrender to grief rather than pushing it down where it can cause mischief over the years. It will not eliminate grief (nothing does) but it can soften us and rekindle the awareness that life can be precious, it's never the same after a loss, but joy can be found.

Becoming cold and brittle in response to life's challenges is a pathway to dis-ease, often focussing on the negative attracts the negative. We can become too self critical and critical of others.

Lonny Jarrett said: "Lung 10 can help empower the sun to burn away the cloud of grief that obscure the sun's (fire's) influence withing the Metal element."


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