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PAIN and your animal companion

PAIN RELIEF – always where there is pain there will be an over energy congesting the area so any kind of stretching out and allowing the energy to flow is going to help. This is one of the basic principles of energy work.

However, what do you do it you can’t touch the area?

You can draw out the over energy using this technique:

Your left hand draws ‘out’ energy so place it in the 'field' above the area you want to treat and at the same time place your right hand facing down to the earth.

The theory is that you draw out the pain, carry it through your torso and down and out the right arm where it can flow down into the earth where it will be absorbed.

You may feel drawn to circle anticlockwise with your left hand – take notice and do it.

After a few minutes change hands so that the left hand is palm up to the sky and the right hand is over the wound/injury…. The left hand is now ‘drawing down’ healing energy and the right hand is balancing the area.

As with any hands on technique, rub your hands together and shake off any old tired energy before and after the process and it sometimes help to wash your hands under cool water to clear them of energy.

If you get the hands ‘round the other way’ don't worry! it will still work if your intention is there – working with the principle of left hand pulls out and right hand pulls in and balances, just makes it that little bit more efficient.

OK, so you’ve tried this and didn’t feel anything, may the animal even flounced off.

So you may perhaps feel the healing way is not for you …………………. Let go of negative thoughts – YOU CAN DO IT! - if you look at the work of Dr Masuto Emoto and Dr Bruce Lipton you will appreciate the power of accessing a loving positive memory or thought – it can actually change the molecular structure of water in your body, and for that matter of your animal companion.

Negative thoughts keep your body in a state of stress – so change them.

You may think that you have no negative thoughts, however ..... sometimes they are buried deep, in fact most of the time they are totally unconscious. Hence the importance of reprogramming your Mini-me to loving healer mode and improving your self-belief!


Say the statement: I can activate the self-healing in my pet

If this statement tests weak, then your Mini-me does not believe you can achieve this. To rectify and get it thinking positively. Make a statement such as:

IT IS NOW SAFE FOR ME TO ACTIVATE THE SELF HEALING IN MY PET – I work with an open heart, it is easy, fun and I’m doing it


It is now safe for me to use the power of love and light for healing in the most divine way. I work from my heart and all is well.

There is no need to go into deep psychotherapy for years before trying to heal your pet – just get the energy around it strong in love, from the heart and a positive belief you can do it. This creates an energy field that your pet will hook into to, before you even begin to do any of the techniques it will be kick-starting the healing process purely by osmosis.

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