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OUCH! a simple pain reduction technique

This is a safe, non-invasive technique to help reduce pain in the body, be it human OR animal. The wonderful Donna Eden developed this and as with most of The Eden Method it's simple but can have profound results.

One basic consideration: Where there is pain there will always be too much energy congesting the area. Any kind of stretching out, and allowing the excess energy to flow and release, is going to help reduce pain levels. Work either on the body itself, or if that is too tender, in the biofield over the area.

‘Unwind’ the pain out of the body: With your left hand over the painful area, make anti-clockwise circles, connecting to the energy and slowly spiral it out, away from the body, moving your hand further and further away and then shaking the pain off your hand. The energy of pain can sometimes form a ‘vortex’ over the area. This spiralling of your hand begins to clear it.

Now place the right hand over the area and circle clockwise over the area. Do this just a dozen times. This will have the effect of stabilising the shift you have just made.

You can extend this basic technique to include the following:

As with any hands-on technique, prepare your hands (your tools) first by rubbing them together and shaking them off.

Your left-hand draws energy ‘out,’ so place it in the bio-field above (just a couple of inches) the area that is painful or needs attention in some way.

At the same time position your right-hand away from the body

with palm facing down to the earth.

The theory is that you draw out the pain through your left hand, carry it through your torso and down and out the right arm and hand, to where it can flow down into the earth and be absorbed.

You may feel drawn to circle anti-clockwise, or even Figure 8,

with your left hand – take notice and do it.

It can be very 'stabilising' as well as being a powerful, ancient healing 'symbol'.

After a few minutes change hands, so that the left hand is palm up to the sky and the right hand is over the wound/injury. The left hand is now ‘drawing down’ healing energy, which passes through your body into the right hand where it can balance the area.

If you get the hands ‘round the other way,’ it will still work if your intention is there. Working with the principle of the left hand pulls out and the right hand puts in and balances simply makes it a little bit more efficient.

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