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o.m.g. points

Forehead Holding Points

Often affectionately called the ‘Oh My God’ points as they are situated exactly where you would place your hand on your forehead when stressed [many of us do so instinctively. I love the fact that so much of energy medicine is what we do naturally anyway].

The points you hold are located halfway between your eyebrow and hairline in line with your eyes when they are looking straight ahead.

Officially they are powerful neurovascular holding acu-points.

Unofficially they are your new best friends.

  • Hold them lightly with fingertips until you feel a pulse.

  • Don't forget to breath normally and smile as you do so.

The pulse you feel signals that the blood is moving from the back to the fore-brain.

Wait until the pulses are on both sides and are strong. You need to synchronise them to the same depth on both sides. It can take a few seconds or many minutes, depending upon the level of stress associated with the problem.

Sometimes, for the first time it is easier if another person holds your points. It's almost like jump starting the process, but is not essential.

Throughout the whole process keep the stressor/emotion/thought you want to deal with in your mind, clear and vivid, sink into it – you are reprogramming your body’s reaction to it with this technique.

Excellent when problems seem insurmountable; when you are so deeply caught up in grief or concern; when a child is fearful after a nightmare.

TIP - Hold the back of your skull for extra reassurance – there are points there associated with Kidney which governs ‘fear’ and let’s face it, that little devil of an emotion is what often stops us moving on in life or leaping off the cliff into a new beginning!


It is a known fact that stress interferes with both blood and energy flows.

These points can be used to remove the emotional and mental effect of the stress, as well as balance energy systems that have been affected by that stress.

NV points can be worked with on different levels but this exercise focuses on the main, frontal NV Points - the “Oh my God!” points.

In response to an emergency, the primitive brain is triggered to take blood out of the fore-brain, leaving us less able to access our rational/mental realities.

Up to 80% of the blood leaves the fore-brain. At the very time we need it most, we can’t think straight because we are on autopilot. The points can be used to boost blood circulation and energy circulation to the entire body including the brain. Your fingertips literally 'call' the energy back to the points you are holding.

Stress chemicals flood the body through the blood stream and “emotions” sweep over us, effectively separating the current emotional reality from the closed off mental reality.

Because the fore-brain is not easily accessed during this emergency response loop, our perceptions of reality might remain distorted, and our problem-solving skills are less available. What is obvious to others can be totally unavailable to us.

By holding NV points, we are able to return circulation to the fore-brain and re-set the nervous system to end the loop and tell the primitive brain that the crisis has passed.

The other excellent benefit of this simple technique is that if you accept the belief that the majority of our health problems are either caused or exacerbated by stress, it follows that by reducing the stress levels in our bodies we are aiding our inner healer to deal with whatever is wrong.

So never ever feel you are helpless to help yourself or a loved one [and that includes your pets] – with the Forehead Holding points in your toolbox you CAN do something.

Get creative with how you use them. For example, I live in a mountainous region and am not keen (A Brit's understatement) of the mountain tracks. I will often hold these points before I set off, when my tummy begins to feel the flutter of fear, repeating the affirmation: "I can do this, I can definitely do this".

If you are a nervous flyer - use this technique, telling yourself you are safe and all is well.

I find Ian White's EMERGENCY ESSENCE useful whenever fear is involved - it's a great all rounder

He also does a specific blend for travelling ...

If you are in bed and your mind is going round and round, rub a little Frankincense Essential Oil (dilute it in some carrier oil first), on the forehead points - setting the intention that you will sleep well and emotions/worries/anxieties/problems etc., will be healed during that sleep.

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