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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Okay ladies, hands up: who is wearing an under wired bra as they read this? OWN UP!

If you are, or if you do, you should be aware that it may not be the best thing for your health.

Let me explain, and no, I am not being obsessive but ….. the metal crescents within the bra sit over key ‘neuro-lymphatic’ reflex points and can cause a degree of ‘congestion’ in the breast area. This is the last thing breasts need, as stagnation in any area of the body inevitably causes a ‘problem’, and we want our breasts to be problem-free.

This evening when you whip off your bra, massage vigorously for about ten seconds, the area where the metal sits. It might be tender which can be a signal that the area is indeed suffering stagnation. Do this daily and it will encourage the flow of blood, lymph, energy in the area, all an integral part of breast health: removing toxins, bringing fresh blood into the area, refreshing energy.

Ensure your bras are not too tight, get down to your local lingerie shop and get fitted properly. Our breasts change, especially as we age, they do tend to migrate towards our armpits (or is that just me?), so a wider cup is often more comfortable.

Another potent reflex point that can help move energetic plaque from the breast area, is located at the level of the nipples (where they were at 15 years of age). Lift your breast with one hand and using the middle finger of the other hand, locate the point between the ribs directly behind where the nipples used to be. You will definitely know when you find it, it will be sore.

Oh I feel 'mean' today!

Got the point? massage firmly for about 20 seconds to stimulate the area to release toxins. It is said we store heartache, sadness and even anger in this area - they are harmful to our breasts and need to be released. Often the underlying cause of breast cancer can be connected directly to emotional mayhem nestling in the area.

With an essential oil blend of your choice, or simply plain organic olive oil, get into the habit of massaging your breasts at least once a week - or daily with soap in the shower or bath.

Bring your attention to what you are doing - imagine you are loosening any toxic emotional / energetic plaque build up in the breast: end by taking your hand up to your shoulder and down off the arm and fingertips ... imagine that 'gunk' running off your fingers, leaving your body, creating space in your breast for fresh, healthy, replenishing energy to flow in and support the health of the area.

OK so here's the tweak .....

Every woman, every day, should ‘tweak’ her nipples for 10 seconds - and no, I'm not doing a video demonstrating this particular technique, think what your teenage boyfriend used to do, if he was lucky enough to get his hand in your bra.

Nipple tweaking encourages the release of a certain chemical (oxytocin), vital for breast health. Try it right now, you have nothing to lose, but if you're reading this in public ....maybe wait until you get home!

End by tracing a huge horizontal Figure 8 around your breasts, about ten times, saying to yourself: "my breasts are healthy, happy, vibrant and I love them"

Fashion, marketing and the cult of celebrity have created a generation of women who will never be happy with their bodies; boobs are either too small/big/saggy, the wrong shape or nipples too dark/light etc., Many resort to surgery but are probably still not happy. Why not save yourself a few thousand pounds and learn to love your boobs! After your shower this evening, massage in some cream or oil, look at them, reconnect, smile and love them.

update on 10th January 2020 - I subscribe to MIR-Method, the woman who developed this always has interesting things to share .... this month it's about the HAPPY CUDDLE HORMONE - oxytocin. Thought you might be interested!

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