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Every Wednesday I meet up 'over the online garden fence' with EEM European students and practitioners. We meet for about 40 minutes and we simply let the subject of conversation emerge organically. It always does and this week is particularly interesting in that we started talking about attachment to things, in particular books (Denny and I are both bookaholics) - it then moved onto the best direction to store books - broadly it would be facing South or North.... so what direction are your books facing?

That is a very generalised guideline, for a more personal one take a look at my other blog on the KUA numbers - how to work out your best directions for sleeping, sitting, working etc., I worked out mine a few years ago and could then identify the my 'best directions' and moved my desk and bed and IMMEDIATELY my writing flowed with more ease and I slept better. Something to try.

All these ideas are for you to try, they are not set in stone but are nuances that can enhance life .......... and get enough nuances going and you feel the difference!

And so our conversation meandered ....

One very relevant topic to this particular time, when income and financial matters are being put under strain is HOW TO KEEP YOUR PURSE FULL.

I shared the following tips - and my purse is never empty.

1 - BEND BELIEF so you truly trust that what you need will come to you financially.

The Universe likes to give us signs and one of the strongest I have been given is: I wrote a book called MONEY IS NOT A 4 LETTERED WORD - how to connect to your universal Piggy Bank (available on Amazon).

The day I sent the draft manuscript to the publisher, a letter arrived on my mat from the USA. The very same day. That letter was from a US advertising agency I used to work for in my twenties. Unknown to me, or forgotten by me, I had not moved my pension and that tiny little pot from all those years ago had built up over the decades. They had tracked me down via UK government and 'where did I want them to send the money'.

My jaw dropped! I know belief works but when I'm sent a sign timed with us graceful precision .... I am reminded that we are, each of us, truly supported.

So have belief and don't doubt - the Universe takes you to the 11th hour sometimes but it does deliver.

2 - IN YOUR PURSE ITSELF I have, over the past couple of decades had these things in my purse, and while I'm not a millionaire, my purse is never empty and somehow, when I need extra money it always seems to come into my life, sometimes in the most unexpected and 'creative' ways.

True wealth is not about have lots of money stashed away in a bank, perhaps being fearful of losing it. Money is only energy, and energy needs to flow. If you believe in that flow and don't freeze it with fear of loss, money will come when you need it .....

a] 3 identical coins: I have 3 identical Roman coins that I got from the Roman villa on the Isle of Wight

b] 3 little Chinese coins tied together with a red ribbon that a friend from Hong Kong gave me

c] a high denomination note folded and wrapped in red paper - folded small to fit in easily

3 - In the 'wealth' corner of my house I have a money plant and in that plant I've placed a high denomination note - setting the energy of a good amount of money and potential for growth.

It's not just the energies in the physical body that we can work with - our environment too can be brought into a more balanced and harmonious state.

When we do that, it not only enhances our own life but it's like a ripple that goes out and enhances those that come into contact with it.

Imagine what the world would be like if we all did that .... instant harmony, and from that a better world.

So in these times of lock-down and an unknown 'new normal', none of us need to feel helpless ............... working with energy in the ways we know helps, as Donna says, to raise the vibration of this planet.

............ and may your purse never be empty while doing it !!!

PS - Thank you Sherri for the great drawing of our garden fence chat !!!

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