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Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Yes! do it today! grand opening!

Don’t sit back and wait for someone else to do it fo you, because unless you are exceptionally lucky, as an adult – nobody’s interested!

It’s down to you.

Nobody’s going to do it for you.

The self-care buck stops right bang there between your feet. Look down at it and pick it up.

Get authentic, get honest, get real.

Self-care is in your genes, rediscover how it feels to be your own best friend, to embrace and develop the art of empowered self care.

Because we are indeed hard wired for self-care/self-love but somewhere along the way we took a wrong turn, were influenced by our cultural conditioning, began to associate self-love and care with being selfish or narcissistic and suddenly it’s all about everyone else and you somehow end up right at the bottom of your care ‘to do’ list.

In your own SELF LOVE CLUB – make time for you, time to nourish so you can flourish and thrive physically, emotionally, mentally and of course spiritually.

Nurturing, nourishing and replenishing requires time and you my friend are in control of creating the necessary time, be it ten minutes a day or an hour a day. And, and, and …. the key ingredient to the successful self-care home-bake is CONSISTENCY – the self love club has to be open for business every day – even if the door is only open a crack or swung wide open with gay abandon – you need to be a regular member of your club.

So, what’s the point of this BB (Bitesize Blog)?

Well, it’s simply this:

take 10 minutes today to work out the membership

‘rules and regulations’ of your ‘club’.

Make them: realistic, fun, enjoyable, inspiring –

so that you will want to be a regular member!

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