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It's time ladies to start walking our talk. Moving our thoughts into action and becoming true HEALTHY GODDESSES! Let's DO it.

I'm starting the year with the intention of truly empowering my self care and becoming SLIM, FIT & HEALTHY .... I know HOW to do it, I just have to be CONSISTENT in my efforts and stop self-sabotaging when I travel. I believe if we do it 'publicly' we can be a support to each other ..... so join in, post comments, helpful tips etc., on the Healthy Goddess II closed Facebook Page, we can do this TOGETHER!

MY start point, and it will be different for everyone, we all have to honour our individuality, will be:


  1. PUT MY AFFIRMATION ON MY PHOTOGRAPH with crystal and copper - check out my blog on the lazy person's guide to healing - it's written for animals but I find it works for us humans too. I have this on my kitchen work surface and the theory is that it's working 27/7 at strengthening my core belief/affirmation.

  2. GET SERIOUS ABOUT QUITTING SUGAR, DAIRY, WHEAT AND CHEMICALS - finding my way back to a clean plant based diet

  3. KEEP doing my Pilates x 2 week and Yoga x 3 week for strength and flexibility and longer doggie walks for stamina and lung capacity and my 'fit face' routine that has become a form of meditation, every morning. RULES for success: you have to enjoy whatever 'movement' you do and you have to be practical .... better 20 minutes a day EVERY day than get over ambitious and find it just doesn't fit into your life.

  4. REBOUNDER + STATIC BIKE for 5 mins every hour or so when I'm at my desk - to keep the circulation of blood and lymph moving. One of my main challenges is that I sit when I work, sometimes for hours on end.

  5. TRAVELLING - my other main challenge is to find a way to keep 'on track' when I travel - and I can spend a third of my life 'on the road'

  6. Drink more WATER - I'm pretty good but not good enough.

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit - so that's what I'm doing - habits are ruled by Triple Warmer meridian, so I will be working with this meridian in various ways to let go of old habits and cultivate and embed new ones, with more ease. Look out for my blog on different ways of doing this. I'll also write blogs on all the 6 points above over the next 21 days.

But for today, as we move from 2019 to 2020 - set out clearly in your mind what you want to achieve - you can't reach a goal if you don't define one.

My specific weight loss goal is going to go in stages - I'm just going to focus on the next 7lbs and will keep going until my body reaches it's optimum weight. My guess is I have about 3 stone to lose (oh la la - mirror mirror on the wall, what the hell happened?!) - but I'm going to let my body dictate my optimum weight.

In reality I quite like being an abundant goddess BUT I know it's a health risk and my damaged knee definitely could do with a lighter load - so weight loss has become a necessity for me this year.

What's motivating YOU to lose weight?


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