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Is that a gremlin on your shoulder?

I've talked about 'safety', but issues of low self-esteem, shame, sadness and even anger .... in fact any underlying emotional issue can feature heavily if you find weight loss a 'struggle'. Like a little gremlin sitting on your shoulder saying: "Sod it Maddie! Go on buy that huge chunk of cheese, you deserve it, you can ration it out, no problema amiga ... go on ..... "

It can get complicated and I will write more about the complexity further down the line. For the moment, let's keep it simple.

First work with safety, which I have found to be the most common factor (see my other blog).

Do you unconsciously feel UNDESERVING? In which case use an affirmation such as: I now SO deserve to be slim, fit and healthy, it's my time, I'm doing it AND loving it! All is well.

Do you feel cross with yourself for 'failure' to lose those excess pounds? work with an affirmation such as: I now forgive myself and let go of any past anger around my weight issue - time to move on with confidence and optimism because I'm doing it!

Do you feel a bit 'ashamed' ..... this is my issue sometimes as I actually taught weight loss and then piled on the pounds in the past decade, especially when I travel (and I travel a lot for work) so I often use this one: Even though I fall down on the mat sometimes, I deeply love and accept myself, I'm kind to myself, I get back up, let go of the past and move forward knowing I'm becoming slim, fit and healthy and all is very well.

Later we can explore deeper into the area beyond our conscious control that may be sabotaging our efforts, we can look at vocabulary too. For NOW however, get a feel of what your issue may be and work out an affirmation, in your own words - and do it daily - consistency is the secret to success!

If you can't work out an affirmation - use a simple one based on one that we all know: EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY I'M BECOMING SLIMMER, FITTER AND HEALTHIER! Yeay !!!!

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