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How to find out what foods your body LOVES!

..... and it could be the apple! Even lettuce may make you fat and a cream tea may not (well maybe that's stretching it a bit!)

It all depends upon your body chemistry and we are each unique and on top of that, your own unique body chemistry changes all the time. So, it can be confusing.

However, if you develop the art of SELF-TESTING you need never be confused again!

By a simple test you can determine exactly what your body will process with ease and what it won't.

It is such a useful tool that I want to spread the word to everyone as it can make an enormous difference to YOUR wellbeing (and weight), your loved ones and friends and even your animal companions.

Last year I held a series of free online classes on 'how to' ..... they are available on my website, lots of information, so I distilled the key points into one blog that contain links to the classes - click below for that and 4 you tube clips. Also, if you sign up to my website newsletter you receive 5 free gifts and one of those is all about self testing.

It's easy, it's free, it's a natural bridge into the Wisdom Within that we all have AND it will truly enable you to make FOOD YOUR MEDICINE! Show your friends and spread the word. click here for the 'Quad test' click here for the 'Stick test' click here for the 'Sway test' click here for the 'Jug test'

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