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OK, so you have arrived home with your new best friend - the crystal found you! In it's journey it may have picked up old, tired, stale energy that inhibits the release and connection to it's full healing qualities. Think of 'cleaning' as dusting off so that the true magic of the crystal can shine through a cleansed crystal will work that much harder with you.

It's not just when you bring them home, ideally clear and clean your crystals after each use, this can be done simply by blowing over them with the intention of 'blowing off' any energies, or if you have a good quality Sage incense stick burning, bathe them in the smoke.

Use your intuition as to when to fully cleanse your crystals - my rule of thumb is: if I think of it, then it's that Wise One Within (WOW) sending the message to get my act together and take care of my stones.

There are many ways of physically and energetically 'cleaning' and clearing your crystal, I'm sharing how I clear mine (and I also use the same techniques on my jewellery - see below).

Water sun and moon – hold your crystal under running water: the ocean, a waterfall, a river, a stream or simply under a tap! Keep your intention strong, that any negative or stagnant energy is being washed away. Now a word of caution here, some stones, such as SELENITE do not mix well with water and can disintegrate ... as I found out to my cost many years ago when I left mine out overnight and the morning dew did not have a good effect on them! Running water cleanses not just physically but is symbolic of a new beginning and the Yin nature goes deep into the energetic core of the stone.

Some pieces can be soaked in salt water overnight, or for an hour or two. If in doubt, don’t put in salt as some crystals react badly. I'm very careful of using salt, when I do use it I use the Himalayan pink salt. Some people will lie their stones of a 'bed' of Himalayan salt crystals.

A bit of Yin Yang. Place the jewellery in the garden, on a balcony or windowsill, wherever it will receive sunlight and moonlight – leave for 24 hours. Under a full moon is my favourite, lots of lovely nurturing, healing yin energy .... very powerful.

You can hold it in the smoke of a smudge or incense stick or spray with diluted essential oil of Juniper.

Crystals that clear and clean: I have a huge amethyst cluster on which I place my crystals (and jewellery) Amethyst has the ability to cleanse - leave them on for 24 -36 hours and no, the amethyst doesn't retain the old energy. Clear Quartz or Citrine are also good cleansers.

Mother Nature. I will often simply bury my crystal in the earth, setting the intention that Gaia will absorb any negative energies and fill the stone with love and healing.

The crystal will be cleansed. Now is the time to say a short prayer over it, asking for love, balance, protection, healing - however you want it to work with you, effectively setting the intention, programming the stone.

End by making figure 8’s over the piece.

Jewellery can absorb external energies and get ‘tired’. Any negative energy absorbed can ultimately ‘leak’ into your energy field causing mischief. This can be important when you consider where most jewellery sits:

  • NECKLACES – throat, thyroid, lungs, thymus, heart

  • BRACELETS – wrist joints, fingers, elbows and meridian Source Points

  • BROOCHES - lungs and heart

  • EARRINGS – ears, TMJ, neck and head

  • RINGS – Thumb = lung; index = Large Intestine; Middle = circulation Sex; Ring = Triple Warmer; Little = heart and small intestine.

If you suspect a piece of jewellery is over spilling negativity – hold the piece and self test.

If weak when holding and focussing on the piece then it needs ‘cleaning’, this does not mean it is bad in any way, simply that it has absorbed too much energy from the environment and other people and hasn't managed to discharge it. There are many ways of cleaning and clearing jewellery but try the crystal clearing set out above.

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