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Hi I'm Maddie and I'm a cheese addict!

I will often eliminate certain foods from my 'diet', because I KNOW my body does not metabolise them efficiently, they stress my systems. These include: bread, cakes, biscuits etc., cow products, Chinese food, all the obvious 'junk' food. That 'knowing' comes from a combo of commonsense and self-observation over the years.

However, sometimes it's a step too far to eliminate and you are setting yourself up for failure. Get wise: don't eliminate, simply decrease your consumption. An excellent example is cheese as I'm a self confessed cheese addict, so realistically I'm never going to completely give it up, BUT I do decrease my consumption by not buying any cheese and keeping it in my house - why? because believe me a huge chunk of cheese in the kitchen won't survive 24 hours with me, my mouth takes on a persona of it's own, especially late at night ...... I promise you!

I appreciate the force of this addictive pull of cheese - it's a bit like an alcoholic is not going to have booze sitting right in front of him/her - so I don't have it sitting there BUT if I really fancy some I will do one of two things ..

I'll either go to the local deli and buy some wonderful goat Manchego (oops!! that's set my taste buds a tingling, just writing about it - yep! not doubt I'm an addict!) - a small piece but of the best quality. I will then literally make a meal of it, sitting on my terrace bringing all my senses to the experience of eating and enjoying this amazing food.

The other way is to visit one of my favourite cafes or restaurants and have the dessert cheese plate as a main course .......... I get a strange look sometimes from either the waiter or my friends but who cares! I savour each mouthful of a delicious collection of cheeses.

Both these experiences will keep me going for a few weeks and enable me not to feel deprived.

If you are reading this, consider: what has an addictive nature for you? what cunning little ploy could you employ so that it's not going to undermine your weight loss efforts?

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